Our Coffee Story

My father was a coffee lover.  He drank coffee 24/7 regardless of the temperature.  As a result, we (his children) and his grandchildren learned at an early age to drink coffee.  As we aged we realized not all coffee was the same, so our quest for a better tasting coffee lead us in many different directions.  Along the way we learned a lot about coffee; the difference in the origins of the beans, the taste and aroma characteristics of each one.

Pecan Hill Coffee Roasters is the result of our search for the elusive perfect coffee. Have we found the perfect coffee? Depends on who you talk with. While we feel we are close to finding it, we still experiment with our roasting and blends in order to continuously improve our coffee.

Our children  and grandchildren all participate in the business. They sweep the floors, apply labels, help bag and ship. they taste the different flavors and blends as we pull samples to brew in order to assure consistent quality. Our blends are the product of my nephew and his chemistry degree. They are unique to us and we think they provide a different level in the quality and taste of our coffee. We believe our coffee is as good as any, and better than most. And if you don't believe us, just try it.


Meet The Owner

Roy Mediate, the patriarch of the Mediate family owns and operates Pecan Hill Coffee Roasters. Soon, there will be four generations involved in the business.  Pecan Hill describes the setting of our home; located on a hill in Jefferson County Florida, with several Pecan trees surrounding the home, Pecan Hill Coffee Roasters just seemed to be the right name.