Pecan Hill Coffee Roasters

We are happy to announce, “Year-Round Fund Raising.” A simple program that allows your organization to raise money all year and requires very little effort from your staff. Your supporters can simply go to our web site and order their choice of coffees listed there. Orders for the week ends Wednesday at midnight and can be picked up Friday morning at the designated location for your group.

The bags are 1 pound and sell for $15, for each bag ordered $5.00 will be returned to your group at the end of each month.

Any questions call Roy Mediate at 229-221-9008 or send me an email at



Customers go to and places their order.

 At check out the customer pays for the coffee and completes the order form. NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER AND IN THE BOX LABELED “COMPANY NAME” PUT THE NAME OF YOUR GROUP. (CREEK SCHOOL, PAVO CHURCH, ETC.)

At the end of the month a check will be sent to your organization for the sales for the month.